Sunday, December 23, 2012

Drop It!

The puck that is. 

One might think that being a long-suffering fan of the Broadway Blueshirts, I would welcome the respite from the perpetual heartache visited upon those of us who attend regular services at the Temple of Giacomin that the non-start of the 2012-13 NHL season.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

If this year was a one in a million occurrence then perhaps the labor-related silliness would be easier to digest.  However, this season marks the third time in the past twenty years that the NHL's season has been significantly impacted by the inability of the billionaires who own the teams and the millionaires who play for them to unwedge their heads from their Bauer skates long enough to do the right thing by their fans.  It is outrageous. 

And as for me the overwhelming amount of my outrage is directed at the owners and their lackeys:  Commissioner Bettman and his Deputy Bill Daly.  The depths to which the owners are willing to descend were pushed even deeper last week when - after breaking off negotiations with the NHLPA - the league ran to Federal court in New York and filed a lawsuit seeking a judicial declaration that the lockout was legal

As of right now, the NHL has cancelled games through January 14, 2013.  The head of the NHLPA - Donald Fehr - whose mere presence likely scares the shit out of the owners who have witnessed what he had accomplished for his membership when he was in charge of the MLBPA - has been quoted extensively saying that the union and the players are eager to continue negotiating with the owners and the league but that since they last met face-to-face on December 6 but that their efforts to re initiate the process have been rebuffed.  "(We aren't talking) because the owners have not indicated a desire to resume," the NHLPA's executive director said Wednesday night before a charity hockey game. "We've indicated any number of times that we're willing to resume when they are (and) we're willing to resume without preconditions."

Hall-of-Famer Jerry West has been known as "the Logo" for a number of years because it is his likeness that festoons official NBA swag, merchandise and gear.  Given the propensity of those who run the NHL to inflict wound after wound upon themselves and their product perhaps instead of Jerry West, the league can adopt an image created by the late, great Walt Kelly for all of its official gear. 

Who would ever argue that Kelly's Pogo, well known for observing "We have met the enemy and he is us" is not indeed the poster boy for the NHL? 

Regardless of where we live and the team for whom we cheer, for all of us who are hockey fans this goddamn lockout is ripping out the heart of our inner Canadian farm boy.   And we just want the hurting to stop.  


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