Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coach Mac Redux

Earlier this week, slightly more than two weeks after it fired his predecessor Jon Embree, my Alma mater hired his replacement.   After a search that took slightly longer than that for Godot and slightly less time than that for Mr. Goodbar, CU hired 47 year-old Mike MacIntyre.  Other than knowing that the new Coach Mac has spent the past three seasons on the sidelines for the San Jose State Spartans, transforming them from a 0-12 doormat to a 10-2, nationally ranked and bowl-bound team, I know not a thing about him.  Truth be told, if you had asked me the day prior to Jon Embree being escorted to the ramp for 36 East to tell you the name of the San Jose State University football coach, I would not have been able to answer correctly - even if you had spotted me the "Intyre" and asked me simply to fill in the first syllable of his last name. 

Since no environment cultivates expertise quite like the anonymous laboratory known as the Internet, it appears that I am alone in my ignorance of all things MacIntyre.  I have read no shortage of opinions - both favorable and not so much so (although in fairness to Coach Mac II most of the negative press has come from fans/commenters who I presume have spent as much time examining his coaching career as have I) - regarding what his hiring means.  I have discounted all of them equally.  The man has signed a five-year contract that shall pay him $2,000,000 a year in a results-first gig at an institution where the last head football coach to get signed to a five-year contract was shown the door after Year Two.

I know that a university I love with all of my heart has - through a series of bad institutional decisions - become increasingly irrelevant in a sport that is important to it - if for no other reason than its ability to generate revenue.   Yesterday, for the third time in the past seven years, the man who oversees the Athletic Department, Mike Bohn, has stood before a gathering of the media and declared that he is about to introduce them all to the man who is going to return the Buffs to relevancy.  It would help this alum's faith in his decision-making prowess if I had the ability to erase the images of those first two gatherings from my mind's eye.  

Coach Mac's new players are ready to go - excited for the chance to start building something anew under his guidance.   I hope that he knows full well what awaits him at the foot of the Flatirons.  In our recent past, it certainly has not been pretty. 


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