Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Boxcars Thrice

Welcome to the final "Echo Day" of the 21st Century.  We were bequeathed a dozen of them and today we have cracked the seal on the last remaining one in the carton.  If you have enjoyed them, then give thanks to the Salad boys (Julius and Augie) for having had the opportunity to enjoy twelve of them.  But for those self-impressed asshats we would have shot our load way back when on 10/10/10.  There is a joke in there somewhere about Italians and math and the fact that the "tenth" month (December) became the twelfth courtesy of their meddling but I shall not tell it. 

Alas, next year there shall be no 13/13/13.  We shall not pass this way again for eighty-nine years - until 01/01/01 in Century 22.  Here is a thought to perhaps give you pause:  irrespective of your age if you are alive today the overwhelming likelihood is that you shall not be so when 01/01/01 ushers in 2101.  Today is the last one of these occasions you shall live to see.  Cheery thought is it not?  Remember - I am here all week and am available for children's parties and corporate functions.  For booking information/rates/availability just go to my website:  If it is any comfort to you, I will most assuredly not be here to see the next Echo Day either.  There, I thought that might make you feel a little better.

I did not take the time this morning to check any of the sportsbooks or betting lines in Las Vegas, which I meant to do simply to check to see whether they have posted odds (or an over/uinder at least) on the number of people who shall play "12-12-12" in lotteries across the country today.  I am willing to wager that on the local news tonight - if not on one or more of the vapid "news programs" (expanding the concept of relativity to - if not beyond - its breaking point) this morning - viewers shall be subjected to at least one story on that topic. 

One thing you might want to spend a bit of time on this evening is checking out the 121212 Benefit Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden.   There are a number of acts on the bill that I have either paid money to see or would certainly pay to see perform.   The event has been put together by the Robin Hood Relief Fund and 100% of the money raised through ticket sales, donations, etc. is going to be given to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  While I tend to view charitable organizations through a somewhat jaundiced viewpoint, the good folks who operate the Robin Hood Relief Fund have an excellent track record for getting the money they collect to the people who need it.  There is every reason to anticipate that they shall do so here. 

If you are like me and either your schedule, your wallet or both kept you out of tonight's audience at MSG, regardless of where you are in the world (well, pretty much anyway) you can watch and/or listen for free.  The link to how and where to watch is right here.

Happy Echo Day '12 to one and all.  May the positive energy and good work associated with what shall emanate from the World's Greatest Arena this evening reverberate far and wide for years to come.  Enough to carry us through to our first such Day in the 22nd Century?  Perhaps....

....leave a note for my not-yet-born grandchildren to stop by Pop-Pop's grave and let me know the answer to that question; OK?  Much obliged. 


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