Thursday, December 6, 2012

And Then There Were Nine....

Nine months from today the only daughter I have (OK I was not around at the time of conception or birth but I think I have had a role in most milestone moments since) or shall ever have is getting married.  And I am pretty damn excited about it.

In the immediate aftermath of all of the Sandy-related hullabaloo and vacation-related excitement, the New Jersey branch of Wedding Planning Is Us had slowed down its preparations a notch or two.  Now that November's big events - the expected and the unexpected/the good and the bad - are squarely in our rear-view mirror, Margaret can depress the accelerator anew.  In fact she already has.

A very small part of my very small brain says aloud every now and again, "Nine months.  That is a long time."  But then another very small part of my very small brain reminds me - with equal vigor as its counterpart - that it was approximately three months ago that Ryan/Suzanne got engaged.  From my vantage point that ninety-day period passed with alacrity.  And I have the easy part.  I have already signed the papers that required my signature.  From here on out, I am on the hook merely for the occasional airport pickup and making sure that my suit is cleaned and pressed by "show time" on September 6.  The heavy lifting rests squarely on the shoulders of Suzanne, Ryan and Margaret.... other words, the people best suited to handle it.


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