Monday, December 3, 2012

A Coming Out Party

Spent yesterday morning in Metuchen - a town in which I spent a lot of time a lifetime ago when I was a student at W-H.  Yesterday's trip to Metuchen was to take part in the Jingle Bell 5K, which is held annually to raise money to assist children and adults dealing with arthritis. 
Road races this time of year are not very easy to find here in the State of Concrete Gardens - you know the whole winter thing.  This event is one that I have taken part in since I took up running as a regular pursuit in 2009.  It is a well-attended race.  I missed it last year as we were in Florida.  This year the course was new.  The race started and ended at Metuchen High School.   In years past the race started about a block away from Cafe Novita in downtown Metuchen and ended right outside the restaurant's front door.  To my memory no portion of this year's course included any portion of what had been the original incantation of the course. 
Candidly - at the risk of being "that guy" - in years past there was better organization at the race than there was at yesterday's event.  In spite of more pre-race chaos than seemed to this guy to be warranted by the circumstances, it was a terrific morning.  Gidg and I were joined by Gidg's niece Liv (better known as Bruce Springsteen's duet partner and the Big Man's sax pal).  Liv is a high school freshman and a member of Hillsborough High School's cross-country team  As a freshman, she earned a Varsity letter.  Yesterday she was the second female to finish.  As luck would have it, the first-place finisher was another sixteen-year-old girl.  Thus Liv finished second overall....and second in her age group.
A hell of a nice result for a hell of a nice young lady.   It was nice to be present to see it.  Very nice indeed.

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