Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wish Fulfillment

Air feels a lot heavier this morning than it did at this time yesterday.  I suspect that the five thousand foot dip in elevation has little to do with it.  On the contrary, I suspecct that the almost two thousand mile space between has everything to do with it.  The Autumnal Parental North American Tour 2012 has officially ended.  The Missus and I awakened this morning in our own bed, in our own home and in our own time zone. 

Christmas will be here before we are fully prepared for it - as it always is - and the eastward winds will carry with them Suz/Ryan from Texas and Rob/Jess from Colorado.  There.  My Christmas list has been completely fulfilled without a single trip to a mall or a ***.com address.  I smile at the thought of the Fantastic Four here. 

Being a parent is truly a great gig.  It is demanding in that it is forever equal parts mesmerizing and terrifying.  When the opportunity presents itself to take a step back and examine those who you helped raise (even if in my case my participation was limited principally to driving the car and earning bill-paying fundage) in their day-to-day, fully adult surroundings and how seamlessly they move through their life, embrace it.  I have.  And I sure as hell intend to keep right on doing so. 

No one will ever be able to complain that I am an impossible person for whom to shop. 


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