Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wheels Up

Someone far wiser than me (he says while winnowing the field down not at all) once observed the rapidity with which Time moves while one is enjoying oneself.  Bearing that in mind Joe, the Missus and I are embarking this morning on what shall likely be one of the shortest weeks in the annals of recorded history. 

Rob and Jess are hosting the New Jersey branch of the family business at their new home in Colorado.  In a perfect world, the Houston branch would be joining us as well.  Then again, from Margaret's perspective, in a perfect world the homes of our adults would be accessible without making the acquaintance of anyone from the TSA, the FAA or any other alphabet soup organization. 

Horace Greeley once exhorted young men to go West.  Me?  I am no one's idea of young any more but if my father-in-law who celebrated his eightieth birthday this year is young enough to answer Greeley's call, then damn it so am I. 

The Yonder is blue and wild.  So off we shall go into it.


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