Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Time is It Anyway?

Maybe it is because this week's end will find Joe, the Missus and me winging our way West to spend Thanksgiving with Rob, Jess and Tillie in their new home in Colorado.  Perhaps it is because late yesterday afternoon I had a meeting in Kenilworth, which prompted me to take a route home that took me through towns and past places where I once spent a fair amount of time but now see and visit only occasionally.  Perhaps it was because a song popped up on the radio that I have not heard in so long that I cannot recall the last time I had heard it prior to last evening, which song I first heard a lifetime ago. 
I know not the reason why my mind started to drift - much to the delight of the other motorists and pedestrians with whom I shared the commute (at least if their economical, single-finger waves were any indication) - but I know that it did.  I found myself wondering whether eighteen-year-old me - if he was to encounter forty-five-year-old, present day version of himself would be at all surprised by the "him" that he became.  If I had a better memory or more flexibility regarding my willingness to lie to myself then I would comfort myself with the fable that he would be surprised not at all.  If only. 
Note please that the word I used was "surprised".  I did not say "pleased", "disappointed" or anything else suggesting some type of qualitative analysis to be performed by long-ago me.  That decision was both conscious and intentional.  I have a better life than I have any right to - in the interest of full disclosure.  To my best recollection I cannot envision a time "then" when I saw "now" bearing even a casual resemblance to how it appears.  Too much water has passed 'neath the boat's bow at this point for me to have such recall.  If eighteen-year-old me was here, then perhaps he could enlighten me. 
It has been said that history exists in the mind of the teller.  I suppose that sums it up just about perfectly.  For me anyway.  And it shall have to suffice...
....unless you happen to know someone with a flux capacitor he might be willing to let me use.  I will be right back. 

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