Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey with a Side of Gravitas

I must confess that I have paid so little attention to the news since arriving here in the Centennial State forty-eight hours or so ago (I am on vacation after all) that I know not whether this part of the United States falls into the same obnoxious behavior as far too many of us who call the New York metropolitan area home do this time of year.  You know those of whom I speak:  the retailers and the consumers who are so goddamn gluttonous that they have further eviscerated Thanksgiving's meaning by turning it into "pre-Black Friday".  Behavior that does not even border on the grotesque but rather obliterates it altogether.

Generally speaking I have no bone to pick with the folks who own and operate Wal-Mart or Target.   Nor do I have any ax to grind with those who use one and/or the other as a primary source for all things retail.  But their behavior during this particular week is so whorish and so offensive to me, which considering my lack of a fully developed (a) soul; (b) heart; or (c) conscience, that it should be frowned upon in every establishment. 

Again this year the perversion will NOT affect the good folks at P.C. Richard & Son, which is one of the largest (and for my money far and away the best) retail chains for electronics, appliances, etc. in the New York area.  Last week they announced that they shall not be open at all on Thanksgiving.  In 2011, they purchased full-page advertisements in all of the major New York metropolitan area newspapers on Thanksgiving Day explaining why they were not open on the original American holiday....as well as reminding one and all what a bunch of whore-mongering asshats their competitors were for dragging their employees out of their homes - and away from their own families on Thanksgiving - just so they could take help someone buy deeply discounted HD television sets or the latest iteration of X-Box or Wii. 

For reasons not entirely clear to me the Sunday-only subscription I have for the Star-Ledger results in me receiving the paper every Thursday for free.  When we return home this weekend, I hope to remember to take a look at Thursday's paper to see whether P.C. Richard again expressed its position on preservation of the sanctity of Thanksgiving in black and white. 

I certainly hope they did. 


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