Monday, November 26, 2012

True Bleu

Much to the relief of the good people of Fort Collins, Colorado - whose number includes two of my most favorite - I am not giving up my day job practicing law back here in the State of Concrete Gardens to accept a position on the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce.  Having just had the pleasure of spending a week in Fort Collins I know that they do not need my "expertise" (my sincere thanks to the Einstein Estate for permitting me the most expansive possible use of the theory of relativity) regarding ways to promote tourism in their fair city. 
That being said - and me being (for the most part anyway) a tone-deaf, obtuse, opinionated asshat I am inclined to offer a suggestion for those of you who may find yourselves between this week and year's end where the Missus, Joe and I found ourselves this past week.  Spend an evening at the Bas Bleu Theatre Company.   On Friday night we took in the Company's "preview" performance of its present offering:  Almost, Maine"Open your heart to things unseen in these humorous yet compelling stories of life and love in a small Maine town."   Those are (no surprise here) the Company's words, not mine.  Having been part of the audience on Friday night let me say this:  it is worth the effort in opening one's heart.  A worthwhile expenditure of one's time to be certain.  And at $23.00 one hell of a bargain too. 
I am - in the interests of full disclosure - a bit biased in that the love of Rob's life is one of the four talented actors who plays a total of TWENTY parts in the production.  Jess is outstanding and is matched every step of the way by her three castmates Heather, Dan and Cary.  I know less about acting than any person alive - other than perhaps Keanu Reeves - so I would not pretend to tell anyone what subtleties are at work on stage.  I honestly have no idea.  All I know is that it is very entertaining.  You shall laugh, you may cry every now and again and you will certainly find yourself looking at the action on the stage and seeing not actors playing roles but a scene from your own life. 
Check it out.  You shall be glad you did. 

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