Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trot We Shall Not....

This morning was supposed to be the 30th Annual Turkey Trot Five-Mile Run through the streets of one of my favorite places - Manasquan, New Jersey.  Sadly, Sandy's visit put the kibosh on today's festivities.  The good people of 'Squan - whose number includes a very dear friend of mine - are too busy clearing debris off of their streets and repairing them (along with the homes that dot them) for anyone to run through them. 

While it incredibly took Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the equally tone-deaf New York Road Runners Club until the 11th hour and 38th minute to realize that this year's New York City Marathon could not be held as scheduled, it took Pat Hoey - for whom the Turkey Trot is a labor of love - much less time to reach that very same conclusion about her annual endeavor.  The decision to cancel this year's edition was reached more than ten days prior to race day.  Perhaps if she ever has anything masquerading as a free moment she might venture across the Hudson River and show the folks in the "big town" how things should be handled.

An annual staple of the Turkey Trot is the post-race party at Leggett's.  My friend Gidg told Margaret and I just the other night that the folks who run Leggett's plan to be up, running and fully operational within six weeks.  Nothing short of remarkable. 

Once Leggett's is open for business again the traditional post-race party will be officially rescheduled.  The entry fees for this year's race that were received and processed prior to the decision to cancel are being donated to Manasquan's volunteer organizations, which once again in the wake of this catastrophe did all they could do for their friends and neighbors.   A donation that I for am happy to make.  A sentiment shared by many.   

And - might I add - I could get used to the whole "post-race party" without the race.  Has a lot of appeal to this fellow.  I need to get Pat Hoey in touch with the folks who handle the New Jersey Marathon.  She is sitting on a $1 Million idea.  I think they need to be read into it. 

If you read somewhere that the 30th Annual Turkey Trot has been "cancelled" fret not.  It has in fact merely been "postponed".  Whether it was run today or whether is is run this time next year matters not.  It shall be run.  And oh what a time shall be had by all.

See you at the starting line.  I will be the guy wearing the distinctive-looking hat....

Built for speed baby.  Built for speed.


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