Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Primary Colors

At or about four o'clock yesterday morning the Missus and I rejoined the land of the electrified.  PSE&G did the voodoo that they do so well.  Sure it took them more than eight days to do it but do it they did.  I am smiling as I write this.  You would be smiling too if you were sitting in your home not listening to the sound of your generator as it provides light (and all-important refrigeration) to your humble abode for the first time in more than a week.
The past week-plus was less than fun for the Missus and me.  But all things considered, it was no big deal.  At no time since Sandy wrought havoc to the State of Concrete Gardens and our neighbors in the Empire State and the Nutmeg State did we spend one minute without (a) clothes on our back; (b) food in our bellies; and (c) a roof over our heads.  In other words, my incessant whining notwithstanding, we came out quite fine. 
Experience has taught us yet again that Mother Nature cares not at all whether one is "red" or "blue".  Decimation does not discriminate.  Sandy did not "pass over" the homes of Democrats and target Republicans or vice versa.  Take a look at any of the still photos or videos of the destruction.  Among the words that likely jumped to the forefront of your mind is "all-encompassing"; right? 
The Bard of Freehold once observed - talking about one's duty as an American to question the motives and actions or one's government - that such a duty, "is not a Republican thing or a Democrat thing.  It is an American thing."  We have been reminded these days in these parts that rebuilding the communities in our state - whether they dot our gorgeous Jersey Shore region or are inland (such as my little burb) - is neither a Republican thing nor a Democrat thing.  It is a Jersey thing. 
Adversity can bring out the best in a person.  It can also reveal their worst nature.  Once upon three decades ago, the Bard of Freehold pointed out that, "Down here it's just winners and losers" and cautioned against getting caught "on the wrong side of that line."  Look down.  Check your feet.  Step lively.

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