Sunday, November 11, 2012

Poppies of Red in Fields of Green

Just five short days ago, we the people of these United States were extended the opportunity, the privilege and the duty of casting votes for office-seeking candidates for jobs ranging from President of the United States to Town Council in whatever little corner of the Republic we might call home.   Of course, again this year not nearly all of us who are registered and eligible to vote did so.  Perhaps if we made voting a condition precedent to bitching about all things governmental we would see an uptick in voter turnout....or in well-earned silence.  Either way one would get no complaint from this corner.

It is worth remembering that a simple thing - such as the right to cast a ballot - has been vigorously protected since the birth of the Republic by the men and women who wear the uniform of this nation's armed forces.  Today is Veteran's Day.  It is the day set aside on the calendar to recognize and to honor all that those who have worn those uniforms - whether in peace time or otherwise - have done to safeguard the liberties under which all of live.  A single day designated to recognize a sacrifice for which no proper compensation can be assessed.  A single day.  Bosses have an equal number of days of recognition.  Administrative Professionals have five times as many.   Open the box of Crayola crayons for me would you and color all of that absurd.

I am a man who has never served in the military.   My oldest brother Bill is a veteran.  My Uncle John and my Uncle Jim - two of my mom's brothers - were both veterans as well.  Uncle Jim guarded the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.  One of my oldest sister Evan's daughters, Heather, is a veteran.  There are too many other member branches of the family tree containing a veteran for my limited intellect to attempt to list them all.  I shall forget at least one through inadvertence and risk offending him and/or her, which is something I am loathe to do. 

For all who serve and all who have served - including but not limited to those members of my own family - I say simply, "Happy Veteran's Day".  For all you do and all you have done you have earned a far better reward than you have ever received from the Republic that you served.  It is my most sincere hope that in his second term our newly re-elected Commander in Chief and his counterparts in the Legislative Branch do a better job of doing right by you.  You deserve far more than a single day's acknowledgement, a parade and - depending on your proximity to the nearest Outback Steakhouse - a free Bloomin' Onion and a Coke. 

Thank you. 


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