Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Flag is Still Here....

Nice dramatic effect - probably ordered up by Michelle Bachman and her fellow ledge-dwellers in the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party - to have a Nor'easter cued up to lay waste to the New York metropolitan area the day following Election Day.  While it is difficult for anyone (at least anyone who is not a Republican member of the House Committee on Science & Technology) to continue to ignore the relationship between human behavior and the planet's weather, re-electing an incumbent President is NOT an example of that relationship in action. 
Mercifully this election cycle has now ended, which means that it shall be at least two weeks until anyone declares his/her intention to seek the nomination of the Donkeys or the 'Phants.  Well, anyone other than Ron Paul that is.  His fellow Republicans long ago learned that it was simply a better investment of party resources to allow Paul to run in perpetuity than to alert him to the fact that an election has in fact taken place.  To date, Paul himself has expressed no displeasure with the arrangement.
Contrary to the mouth-breeding spewers on both Fox News and MSNBC, an election result unfavorable to "their" guy and their interests would not be - and shall not be - the death knell for the Republic.  Truth be told, Limbaugh and his lot are happier this morning than they would have been had Mr. Romney been elected.  Sure they would have spent from now until January 20, 2013 lying through their teeth about how much their efforts had influenced the outcome but once Mr. Romney took the oath and they felt their "influence" wane, he would have done nothing but continue to piss them off.  Walt Kelly once famously observed, "We have seen the enemy and it is us."  Easy for him to say.  Not so easy to say from the comfort of the EIB Studios/Apothecary.  Nope.  In the long run, having a Democrat in the White House is good for the business of being Limbaugh or Hannity or O'Reilly.  Do not believe for a minute to the contrary. 
As a registered Republican and someone whose head on the inside contains as much matter of gray as its outside does I know - as you do too in your heart of hearts - that the beauty and frustration of our system of government is that governing requires bipartisanship.  Sure the Tea Party can win a mid-term election but what type of legs does it possess?  Tea Partiers managed to excise a reasonable, smart and well-respected member of the Party of Lincoln from the United States Senate in this year's Republican primary in Indiana.  Richard Lugar was sent packing by Richard Mourdock, a Tea Party favorite.  Mourdock is the moderate, even-keeled fellow who squarely jammed both of his legs (up to the knees at least) in his mouth a couple of weeks ago with his comment during a debate regarding pregnancies that are the result of a rape.   Perhaps not surprisingly he finished second in his race on Election Day. 

The election result that pleased me more than any other is the election of Bridget Mary McCormack to the Supreme Court of Michigan.  One hell of a fine lawyer and an even better person, Bridget (sorry!  "Justice") McCormack is a lawyer who gives our profession a good name.  She is whip smart, compassionate, fair and tough as hell.  She shall ably serve the people of Michigan. 


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