Friday, November 2, 2012

Jersey Tough....

Hurricane Sandy did not kill New Jersey. It damn sure tried. In its wake it left a path of destruction that would have given Sherman pause. But it did not kill us. Bloodied us? Yes. Battered us? Most definitely. Killed us? No effing way. We are Jersey. We can take a punch.

On a not entirely unrelated subject, some mouth-breeding cowards have decided to spend $1,000,000 between now and Election Day in an attempt to smear Bridget Mary McCormack. Bridget is running for a seat on the Supreme Court of Michigan. To the faceless cowards behind the attack, allow me to say this. If Bridget McCormack was one-tenth of the person she is, she would still be ten times the person each of you is. And remember this too jagoffs. Before Bridget was a Michigan girl, she was a Jersey girl. She is not simply better than you. She is tougher.

Keep doing what you are doing Bridget. When the haters spend that much money to lie about you, it reveals the depth of their fear.


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