Thursday, November 15, 2012

Give Me A "W"! Give Me A "H"!

Adversity reveals a lot about the character of us humans.  It brings out the worst in some of us (Hello - looting anyone?).  Mercifully, in disportionately larger numbers it brings out the best in far more of us.

I know neither Tanda Tucker nor Brooke Sofield.  To the best of my knowledge I have never made the acquaintance of either of them.  In the event I was called upon to pick either out of a line up - or vice versa (and truth be told the likelihood of the latter far outweighs the likelihood of the former) - success would be far from assured. 

While I do not know them, I feel as if I know quite a bit about them.  I feel as if I know at the very least a little something, something about them by virtue of their actions.  Ms. Tucker and Ms. Sofield are the Head and Assistant Cheerleading Coach (respectively) at the Wardlaw-Hartridge School in Edison.  They have spearheaded a fundraising drive for people affected by Hurricane Sandy.   People interested in doing so can purchase - for $5.00 each - a wristband that says "JERSEY STRONG" on one side and "RESTORE THE SHORE" on the other.  They are similar in style to the type of wristband worn to support Breast Cancer Awareness, the Wounded Warrior Project and/or Livestrong (you can support the cause while dissing its former #1 fundraiser).   The information regarding them is available here:

Cheerleaders Selling Wristbands to Benefit Hurricane Victims

In conjunction with the ongoing food drive, coat drive, and next week’s community service afternoon at the Hillside Community Food Bank, The Wardlaw-Hartridge School will be selling ocean blue, embossed wristbands. These wristbands will be sold for $5 and specifically support Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts at the Jersey Shore. They are available from our Cheerleaders, Varsity Cheerleading Coach Ms. Tucker, as well as at the Receptionist’s desk.

Wristbands also may be purchased online by clicking 
here - be sure to fill in all required fields including the amount ($5 each) next to Restore the Shore Wristbands. These wristbands will be available until December 21.
And of course - being well-organized, efficient women of the 21st Century - they have also set up a Facebook page under the heading "Jersey Strong - Restore The Shore" through which you can obtain more information about their fundraiser and other ways in which you can help your friends and neighbors. 
Adversity tests each and every one of us.  A lot of us pass the test.  Some of us do so with flying colors.  In the case of these women and their charges, the colors are green, gold and ocean blue.  Outstanding stuff.

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