Monday, November 12, 2012

Eyes and Stomachs

Today is Monday.  Normally Monday is far from the most exciting day of the week.  However given that two Mondays ago, a rather cantankerous visitor descended upon us here in the State of Concrete Gardens and left in her wake enough chaos and destruction to throw the lives of everyone into a tizzy - well past last Monday and (for me anyway) almost through the entirety of last week, I look forward to a humdrum, nothing out of the ordinary Monday.  Happiness is a work week that shall not be torn asunder by Mother Nature and her minions. 

I enjoy vacation as much as the next guy - well maybe not quite as much but I enjoy it nonetheless.  This time next week the Missus, Joe and I shall be hanging with Rob and Jess in the Front Range of Colorado.  Even when on vacation there is a sense of order - a sense of organization.  Last week, when we were living like suburban refugees for a while in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there was not only no work but no order.  No organization whatsoever.  I felt utterly and absolutely adrift.  And it made me miserable. 

I am a simple man.  I have a simple wish.  I wish only that this week proceeds from start to finish without any episodes of insurmountable chaos.  Chaos in little doses?  That is not only expected and anticipated.  It is embraced.  As long as it is served in single-serve portions all will be good in my world. 

And yours too. 


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