Friday, November 23, 2012

Einstein Revisited

Albert Einstein - acknowledged as one of the world's truly smart bipeds - once observed that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and anticipating a different result.  Today - at the risk of incurring the wrath of the Estate of Einstein (is it just me or does that sound like a kick ass name for a punk band?  It is no "Blink 182" to be sure but then again what is?) - I respectfully offer an alternative definition. 

This is our final full day recreating along the Front Range of Colorado.  We have enjoyed the hell out of ourselves - lapping up every ounce of hospitality that Rob, Jess and my gal Tillie have generously shared.  We have spent a little bit of time in Denver (seeing Springsteen and the E Street Band play on Monday night in the enclosed, climate-controlled confines of the Pepsi Center - a far cry from the last time the Missus and I attended one of his concerts) and the rest of our time in Fort Collins and the beautiful country surrounding it.  I spent four years of my life in Colorado - albeit a lifetime ago - and I have come back here at every available opportunity.  Yet I never cease to be amazed and impressed at the drop-dead beauty of the place.  Breathtaking does not begin to cover it. 

Coincidentally, breathtaking is also not an adjective one would use to describe the 2012 edition of my Alma mater's football team.  Unless of course one was trying to wedge it into a sentence somehow to describe the porous nature of our defense ("Every time I take a breath the other team scores" for example.  Not a perfect fit but one that effectively communicates the idea).  In spite of the fact that most right-thinking Buffs fans will spend their Black Friday anywhere but Folsom Field, this non-thinking Buffs fan will spend my morning seated in the North end zone cheering like a madman for my Buffaloes.

The Missus, Jess and Rob are really good sports so they have all signed on for this adventure.  I suspect that they have done so not because any of them really wants to watch this game but because all of them dig Boulder as I do and rightly understand that while this morning football is our penance at some point today enjoying a good meal and some adult beverages at one of this town's fine establishments whall be our reward. 

Me?  I have no delusions about the likely outcome of today's game.  Frankly I care not.  I am spending my day in a place that I love with the love of my life, one of our two and the love of his life.  I intend to have one damn good day. 

Hope you do as well.  Go Buffs!


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