Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yonder Bound

Today endeth the Texas adventure.  I suppose that technically speaking this is the final day of our vacation but considering that we shall spend the bulk of it getting from Point A to Point B while hustling through and sitting in airports and on airplanes, it sure feels nothing at all like a "vacation" day.   It is what it is.

The "wrap up" part of any trip to visit either of the kids at one of their remote locales (or of one of their too-infrequent trips back to the State of Concrete Gardens) is always the worst part of the jaunt.  It is the day when reality's ugly head raises up full and proud above the tree line to remind us that "See you soon!" is equal parts hope....and lie.  Or perhaps it is simply proof of Einstein's theory of relativity.  For when you see one you love infrequently then seeing them again in sixty days or so perhaps does fit the dictionary definition of "soon". 

We are off.  Back to the homeland.  While as a visitor in a strange land just what it is that gives Texans that feeling that being from this oddly-shaped state makes them somehow superior to the rest of us successfully eluded me, for present purposes Texas has two things that I wish very much New Jersey had.

'Til Christmas then.  Love you both.  See you soon....  

....when I say it really fast it sounds less like I am telling myself a lie. 


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