Monday, October 8, 2012

Turning Slow and True

Time is short and here's the damn thing about it
You're gonna die, gonna die for sure
And you can learn to live with love or without it

On June 2, 2009 a dreadful, tragic thing happened.  Sue Bozzomo - Margaret's mom and the emotional center of her family - died.  A physically small and incredibly strong woman, Suzy B. fought valiantly (think "Warrior Poets" from Braveheart) against the cancer that ravaged her body for the final five-plus years of her life.  She gave all she had. 
It was from the abject grief that those who loved her and those who she loved felt that Sue's Crew was born.  It is not a magical device - Professor Peabody's WABAC Machine shall never be confused for it - in that it cannot bring back a loved one lost.  Or perhaps it is.  For while it cannot bring back a loved one lost, it helps ensure that she is never very far away at all.
This past Saturday morning Sue's Crew IV ran again.  Those of us here at the home office in the State of Concrete Gardens spent the morning at a simply terrific little event called the 14th Annual Run/Walk for Mom.  Kudos to Tim Dursee - who created this event fourteen years ago as a tribute to his mother's battle against breast cancer - for putting together a wonderful testament not only to his mom but to Suzy B. and to all others who have fought that same fight.  
Our roster this year was - as it has been in years past - delightfully elastic.  Again this year our ranks included Kara and her youngest son Jordan - himself only a few months removed from a broken femur, Gidg, Connie, Lynne, Jeff, Nicole and Margaret's running buddy Ryan.  This year we picked up the Staten Island branch of the Bozzomo family tree with Salli Jo and Judi making the trip across the bridge to run with us.  My law partner Arnold, my long-time friend and former softball captain Diego, his wife Walmis and Jeff's mom Kathy - herself a breast cancer survivor - all joined us as well.    And for the first time ever Carolyn - herself sporting a new hip - was able to flex that new joint by getting in on the action. 
And if the full extent of what Sue's Crew accomplished on Saturday was our New Jersey adventure then the day would have been a smashing success.  But it was not.  Suzanne and Rob are every inch their mother's children.  They have been wise enough and fortunate enough to pick their traveling companions well.  Saturday Ryan and Suzanne donned their "fist pumper pink" race shirts and participated in the Houston, Texas Race for the Cure (kudos to Ryan for being brave enough to wear pink in a "Red" state). 

Meanwhile out on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Jess and Rob suited up as well.  Given that certain parts of the eastern half of Colorado experienced their first snowfall of the season this past Friday, the willingness to stand out in the elements for the sake of "representing" cannot be overstated
And somewhere Saturday morning, wherever she is, Suzy B. was smiling.  With good reason.  The seeds she helped sow have grown up big and strong and beautiful.   

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