Monday, October 15, 2012

The Walk Up Calvary Hill

Last week's end brought brutal news from a place I normally associate with beauty and peace.  A grim reminder that even in places where one might not expect it, evil exists.  It is everywhere.

It was ten days ago that ten-year-old Jessica Ridgeway walked out of her home in Westminster, Colorado at or about 8:30 in the morning for a scheduled "meet up" with some friends at a local park so that all of the children could walk to school together.  Jessica failed to appear at the park.  Her friends, not wanting to get in trouble themselves for being late to school, walked to school without her.  They reported her failure to appear to an adult upon arrival. 

Ten days.  In the larger scheme of things, ten days is an eye blink.  Unless and until someone abducts your child.  Ten days becomes an eternity. 

Late in the day on Friday, October 12, authorities in Colorado confirmed what they had suspected - and feared, which was that the body of a young female child that had been discovered near Pattridge Park Open Space in Arvada two days earlier was that of Jessica Ridgeway.  Authorities announced on Friday that they confirmed Jessica's identity using DNA testing, which was necessitated by the fact that the body was "not intact".  

It takes a particular type of evil to perpetrate an assault and murder of a child.  The hunt for the piece of human dreck who commited this horrific crime has been joined with great vigor by law enforcement agencies all along the Front Range of Colorado and beyond.  There is more than just a small part of me wishing that after this piece of shit has been apprehended, DNA testing becomes a necessity for whomever comes to claim the body to identify him due to the fact that his body is "not intact".

A parent's greatest fear is to outlive our child.  It is a disturbance in the natural order of the universe unrivaled by anything of which I am aware.  To say that my heart breaks for this little girl and the parents who now shall face the sad task of burying her is to understate the case by too many degrees to properly quantify.


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