Monday, October 29, 2012

The Deal of the Half-Century

It is the day before the night before Halloween.  Unless the weather nerds are utterly wrong, it may be at least another two days before the far-flung branches of the family tree are able to make it back to their respective outposts. 
Way back when in the middle of March - for reasons that I cannot entirely recall - my wife warned me against throwing a surprise party for her 50th birthday....which was two days ago.  She went so far as to say, "the only thing I want for my birthday is a nice photo of Suzanne/Ryan and a nice photo of Jess/Rob.  Since they cannot be here for my birthday, I want no party.  I want nothing else." 
The lawyer in me seized immediately upon the language that I have highlighted.  I interpreted what she said not as a directive against having a party but rather a specific condition precedent that had to be met in order for one to be permitted.  The kids and I immediately put a plan in place whereby all four of them would come home for Margaret's birthday and we would surprise the hell out of her.  Of course, that was our plan. 
Unbeknownst to us, Margaret's plan was to order an extra-large supply of traveling bones and decide that the two of us (and in at least one case Joe) would emulate the Rolling Stones and announce our own tour of North America.  Once the Missus made plans for us to be in Houston last week and Colorado next month, I proposed to Suz and to Rob that perhaps we call off the New Jersey excursion.  Both of them told me - without hesitation - no chance.  Home they were a-coming. 
And home they did come.  Boy oh boy was their mother surprised to see them.  While I anticipate that on some cold night in January I will be awakened by the smell of my side of the bed burning, at least for present purposes Margaret appears to have enjoyed her birthday immensely.  Kudos to Lynne and Gidg - the Sisters Kizis - who were my co-conspirators and who had the yeoman's task on Saturday of keeping Margaret away from our home until the "surprisers" had arrived and assumed our positions.  And an additional shout out to Gidg for the cake of the year
The day would not have happened - and could not have happened - without the efforts made by Suz and Ryan to wing home from Houston and by Jess and Rob to head east from Colorado.  It was one of the best days I have had in I know not how long - not only seeing the three people about whom I care the most on this planet together and sharing one another's company but seeing also the future of this little unit.  Moving forward we are in very good hands.  Very good hands indeed....

....I am damn happy and forever grateful that roughly twenty-two years ago Margaret invited me along for the ride.   I would not trade it for anything in the world. 

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