Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Suitcases and Tickets

Change is the law of Life.  And those who look only to the Past or Present are certain to miss the Future. - John F. Kennedy

It was on this day sixty-one years ago that a Scotsman named Bobby Thomson - packing ash and maple instead of lead - fired "the Shot Heard 'Round the World".  The Giants won the pennant.  The Dodgers lost the pennant.  And two men, Thomson and Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca - #13 in your program - became forever linked.   The footnote to the story is that the reward the Giants earned for winning the National League was a date with New York's lone American League franchise in the World Series, which the Yankees won.  In October 1951 New York City was THE baseball town in the United States.  It might have seemed to the baseball fan in the Big Apple as if those days would last forever.  As we know now, those days did not even last the decade of the '50's.   By decade's end, more Major League teams called California home rather than New York.  

Time passes quickly.  As the great American philosopher Lawrence Peter Berra - himself a noted handyman with tools made of ash and maple - once famously observed, "It gets late early around here."   The world is damn short of universal truths.  That however is most certainly one.  And it holds true irrespective of time zone or time of year.

Once upon a lifetime ago, Suzanne and Rob were children - doing the things that children do.  They are decidedly not children any longer.  They are building homes and getting married - building lives as full and as wide open as their imaginations and their drives shall permit them to be.   Rob and his life's love Jessica are in the process of moving into their new home out in the great American West, which new digs shall be put to the test immediately courtesy of Joe, the Missus and me spending Thanksgiving under their roof.  Meanwhile, presently situated in her temporary home in the Southwest, Suz is now slightly more than eleven months removed from adding a new title to her already impressive CV:  Wife.  While each "i" must still be dotted and each "t" crossed, Ryan and Suz shall be married back home - here in the State of Concrete Gardens - in early September 2013. 

I smile like a dope just thinking about the lives they are forging for themselves.  My greatest fear when I met and fell in love with Margaret was that I would somehow screw these two up.  Perhaps my being absent for a lot of the day-to-day stuff when they were young while I was building my practice and my career inured to their great benefit.  They were left to ply their trade and learn their craft under the watchful eyes of one another and of their mother.  Each of the three is integral to the success of the other.  It has always been so.  I hope that it is always is so. 

Change is indeed the law of Life but it is not itself a universal truth.  Not everything changes.  Some things, such as consistency in the conduct of one's affairs, remain a constant.  Time impacts upon the circumstances to which that consistency is applied but time does not erode its breadth or its depth. 

No matter how late in the day, it is never too late to buy your ticket and catch the train....


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