Monday, October 22, 2012

Rhythm and Music

There were many, many terrific things about the several days that the Missus and I spent in Texas last week.  However on a visit chock full of highlights, it is easy for me to distinguish the trip's defining moment from a whole lot of other very, very good ones. 

On Thursday, which was our first full day in the Lone Star State Margaret and Suzanne went bridal gown shopping together.  Both were looking forward to the outing very much.  But not because either reasonably anticipated that gold would be struck on this venture.  Rather, because the cruelty of geography being what it is, Thursday represented the one and only time that my two best girls were going to be able to shop together.  Suzanne is Margaret's one and only daughter and the fervor with which each has taken to planning for an event that is still (only?) ten and one-half months away is reflective of just how important each is to the other.  As has been the case for the entirety of Suzanne's life, each has wrapped her own notion of "happiness" tightly around the other's. 

Thursday - either at some point in the late morning or the early afternoon (I know not because at the time I was informed as to what they had achieved I was crawling around the USS Texas, a decommissioned battleship permanently moored at San Jacinto State Park) the Dynamic Duo did something that neither might have considered possible only a couple of short hours earlier:  they found Suzanne's wedding gown.  In retrospect their smashing success should not have come as a surprise to either of them.   It most assuredly did not come as a surprise to me.  When two intelligent, focused individuals combine their energies and talents in order to accomplish something that is extraordinarily important to both of them, no obstacle is insurmountable. 

At day's end, it was not simply important to Suzanne and to Margaret that Suzanne find a gown in which to be married that she simply adores.  It proved to be just as important to them that THAT MOMENT - the moment at which Suzanne realized her search was over - take place neither when Suz was alone nor when she was in the company of someone other than her mother.  It makes perfect sense, given the way in which one has ended and the other has begun for the entirety of Suz's life that the two were together when THAT MOMENT arrived. 

Neither forced it.  It simply happened for them.  Same as it always has.  Same as it always shall.


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