Thursday, October 25, 2012

Once Upon A Very Long Time Ago....

....competitive football was played by the young men wearing the colors of the University of Colorado Buffaloes.  This autumn?  Not so much.  The purpose of this piece is not to slam the kids on the 2012 roster, the coaches who oversee their day-to-day lives or the institution that brought the two together.   Their results this season - while dreadful and likely to get worse with the Oregon "Point-A-Minute" Ducks waiting for the Buffs this Saturday in Eugene, which is a scary place to play as an opponent when you are good - are not the by-product of an inferior effort.  They try hard.  They just do not play really well.  Worse yet, they do not play anywhere near well. 

I do not pretend to know either what the solution to the problem is or - better still - what it should be.  I earn my living faking my way through the practice of law.  That in and of itself occupies my time.  I have no delusions that my passion for my Buffs is an effective substitute for actual knowledge regarding what should be done in terms of the program.  I leave that to those who know better than I.  I take comfort in the fact that at day's end if it turns out that the current caretakers are deemed by those to whom they answer to be ill-prepared to continue in their positions, changes shall be made and that I am not the one to whom those currently in charge answer so that decision shall not belong to me.  

While it has been an unhappy autumn on the Front Range, on this very day twenty-six years ago the mighty Buffaloes of the University of Colorado did something that they had not done since Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of these United States.   Coach Mac's Buffs upset the heavily-favored and nationally-ranked evil red horde from Nebraska.  (Apropos of nothing, although Nebraska was our #1 rival while I was at CU and I said nasty things about them then and still do on occasion today, among the nicest folks you shall ever meet are the folks who road trip all over the country in support of their Cornhusker football team.)  

For my fellow Buffaloes, take a moment or two and rejoice in the memory of what feels these days as if it happened twenty-six lifetimes ago or worse yet, not at all.  In fact, it was such a great afternoon rejoice not in just one memory but in two:

and the coup de grace

And fear not my fellow New York baseball fans.  While I know that it shall not totally repair the wounds inflicted upon Mets fans for how brutally they played all season or the wounds of Yankees fans for how dreadfully they played in October, may it bring us all a small measure of comfort that on this very date twenty-six years ago a ball that trickled up the first base line led to a stream of confetti in the Canyon of Heroes just a few days later

I think that all of these clips would make me happier....

....if they did not make me feel so damn old.


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