Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And Then There Were Two....

....weeks until Election Day.  You thought perhaps this was going to be a primer on the Major League Baseball playoffs?  Nope.  While there are in fact but two teams left standing, neither of them is the team for which I root most passionately.   Thus my interest in this year's World Series is as muted as it has been the past two years.  Make no mistake however.  While I shall not follow the action pitch-by-pitch I am rooting hard for Jim Leyland and his Detroit Tigers.  Leyland is my second-favorite person who is trying to win something this fall in Michigan.  Here is to hoping that the Bridget Mary McCormack juggernaut is juggernautish ("Hey look Kids it is "Create Your Own Language Day!"") enough to carry both her hopes and those of Leyland's troops to victory. 

For those of you who spent a portion of your Monday night listening to Messrs. Obama and Romney bicker (I refuse to lend dignity to an unholy trinity of undignified mud-sling-a-thons by referring to what has occurred this election season as "debates".  Respect for the oratorical skills and historical significance of Messrs. Webster and Haynes and Messrs. Lincoln and Douglas simply shall not permit it), while I doubt highly that anything either said provided you with (a) actual, useful information; or (b) a basis for adjusting your pre-conceived notions about the two candidates more than ever so slightly, I admire your ability to absorb punishment.  

Then again, I did subject myself to two weeks of watching the Yankees flail helplessly against each and every pitcher they faced (except for Jim Johnson and Jose Valverde).  I am not entirely certain but I think in Game Four of the ALCS at one point young Max Scherzer just started tossing anything he could find towards home plate (rosin bag, pitching rubber, bag of chew) knowing full well that nothing he sent in the direction of the Yankees was coming back his direction....except for the ball out of Gerald Laird's right hand.  And apropos of nothing, if you need a kid to root hard for not just this October but every month of every season, google "Max Scherzer" and read what he and his family have endured this season.  He is quite a remarkable young man. 

We are two weeks removed from Election Day.  I cannot be more sincere than when I say I care not for whom you vote.  I care simply that you exercise a right that someone other than you and other than me won for the both of us and just might have given his or her life in the process.  Election Day is "Adult Swim". 

Everybody into the pool....


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