Thursday, October 18, 2012

(A)lone Star

Today is the first full day here on the ground in the great state of Texas.  The Missus and the Jr. Missus are spending a bit of quality time together today shopping for wedding gowns.  Inasmuch as my input historically has proven to be insubstantial when one of them is looking at something as benign as flip-flops, I have been invited/permitted to sit this one out.  

I know not how long their excellent adventure shall last today - although I anticipate they will be engaged for a couple of hours at least (including the requisite lunch/cocktail break - where I shall be present in plastic if not in person).  My future son-in-law is scoring HUGE points with me by spending his Thursday working.   Well done Ryan.  Playing tour guide does not pay the bills.  I am beyond impressed.  

So with the women folk (note how effortlessly I dropped a little Tex-speak on y'all right there?  I actually did it twice but who likes a braggart?) are shopping and the son-in-law to be is otherwise engaged, I get to play the role of the New Jersey Yankee/tourist.  Our hotel has a pool and a fitness center, which means that I can run in climate-controlled conditions and then catch up on some reading at pool side.  I presume that since Suzanne (a) knows where the deadly duo is going today; and (b) has a car that she will do the driving for their day's adventure, which means that our rental car and I shall be left togther.  Unchaperoned. 

Oh the stories we just might be in a position to tell.  


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