Saturday, October 20, 2012

Adventures in Levelland

In the great migration west
Separated from the rest
Though they might have tried their best
They never caught the sun

So they sunk some roots down in this dirt
To keep from blowin' off the earth
Built a town right here

You live long enough and the opportunity presents itself to try many things.  One time, at least.  This morning the Missus and I shall awaken in the state where the stars at night are big and bright.  We have been here since Wednesday.  This morning marks the beginning of the first weekend in the forty-five plus years of living I have done to date that I have ever spent in Texas. 

We have spent the past couple of days taking in some of the local sights with Suzanne.  Margaret and Suzanne have spent some time huddled up doing some wedding planning as well.  Considering that the overwhelming majority of this event shall be coordinated via on-line chats and phone calls this "face-to-face" time is important.  Or so they both tell me.  My role in all the planning is easy.  It is limited to three simple questions:  (a) What is the caterer's name; (b) How much do I owe him; and (c) When do I have to pay him? 

The past couple of days we have seen some interesting things and checked out some pretty cool places but while we have been "touring" the folks who live here have been busy working.  Well, all of them except for Suzanne.  Today we shall have a chance to see Houston "at play".   While I am not a great traveler by any accepted definition of the term one of the things I enjoy when I do go outside of my comfort zone is seeing what people in other places do to fill their leisure time. 

The temperature today is supposed to reach into at least the mid-80's with humidity somewhere in the 60-65% range.  Nothing quite like a dose of July weather in mid-October to make one yearn for Autumn.  But it does give me a hell of a fine excuse to wear flip-flops.  At home, the door has almost closed completely on flip-flop season so my little piggies have been living the high life the past few days. 

Off we go, the Missus and Infinity and beyond!  OK.  First we are going to breakfast.  From there, we shall play it by ear.  No sense trying to overdo.  We are on vacation after all.


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