Wednesday, September 12, 2012

These Things I Think....

....random thoughts from an overtaxed mind - although if you know the possessor of said mind you know that his mind gets challenged by "Paper or Plastic".

I care not at all what one's politics are.  To each his own.  Yet in the Facebook-infected world in which we live I find it mind-boggling that anyone clicks "Like" for the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  Do not misunderstand:  if you intend to vote for Messrs. Romney and Ryan then by all means feel free to do so.  In view of what has happened - or not happened - these past four years there is a compelling argument to be made for changing the man at the top.  But what exactly is there to "Like" about Ryan?  He is a d-bag in bureaucrat's clothing.  He has essentially done nothing other than run for elective office perpetually since he was in Cub Scout Troop 19 in De Pere, Wisconsin.  ***Editorial note:  I totally made that part up about him and his Cub Scout Troop.  I do not want to get caught in an easily checkable lie - such as claiming I ran a marathon an hour faster than I really did.  

Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite actors and directors.   Having abstained from watching a minute of either Convention as it happened - I prefer to watch my fiction on tape-delay - I did not see his speech on the final night of the Republican Convention as it happened.  After watching it the following morning I wondered, "What the hell was Josey Wales thinking about?"  Later that evening, when the Missus and I were watching television it hit me:  old Clint scored himself some nice, free publicity less than one month from the release date of his latest movie Trouble With The Curve.  It opens nationwide on Friday, September 21.   A baseball movie starring Clint Eastwood.  Color me there. 

I root, root, root hard for my Alma mater.  That being said this could be the longest autumn in the history of the University of Colorado football program.  And when you are a program that includes the name "Chuck Fairbanks" in your official biography that is indeed something to contemplate.  After losing their season opener to young Jessica's CSU Rams (thankfully we "forgot" to make a bet this year) in Denver, this past Saturday my beloved Fumbaloes lost their home Sacramento State.  Inasmuch as Sacramento is NOT a state but rather a city I have filed a formal protest with the NCAA in which I have argued that their deceptive naming practices are grounds for a sanction of some sort.  I suggested that three points be deducted from their total score in this past Saturday's game.  Nothing too Draconian. 

I know so little about tennis that if one was to pour all of my knowledge into a thimble one would still have space left over for one's thumb.  However, on Sunday evening Joe, Margaret and I watched the final set of the women's final at the U.S. Open.  Apparently Serena Williams blitzed her opponent - the #1 seed Victoria Azarenka - in the first set (women play best 2 out of 3).  But then on the way to the rout a funny thing happened:  Serena lost 11 of the next 16 games.  Suddenly she was down 5 to 3 in the third and final set, appearing for all the world to be on the verge of losing the tournament.  And then an even funnier thing happened:  Serena did not lose another game.  She ran off four straight games to win the set 7 to 5 and win the U.S. Open for the fourth time in her career (my friend Gidg tells me that Serena has won 15 Grand Slam Championships.  Five more and she gets her own Denny's franchise).  There may well be athletes as tough as Serena Williams.  There is not one - in any sport - who is any tougher than she is.  She has guts to spare.  One hell of an athlete.    

I wonder who would win a marathon match race between Serena Williams or Paul Ryan.  Just screwing with you.  I wonder about the outcome of such an event not at all....


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