Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Ballad of the True Believer

I have learned these past few days that once your daughter telephones you to inform you that she is engaged, the discussion of and the planning for the wedding becomes an everyday, above-the-fold conversation.  I say that without a single tinge of regret.  I have enjoyed eavesdropping on conversations these past few days between the Houston satellite and the Middlesex-based mother ship, which have covered every possible wedding-related contingency and necessity.  How Eisenhower planned D-Day without the Missus and Suz handling logistics shall be a mystery that befuddles historians for time immemorial. 

I am a sucker for a good story.  While we are many months away from the event itself (I can express an almost cavalier nonchalance here away from the prying eyes of either the bride-to-be or her mother), this story is already an excellent one.  Suz sends Margaret information about one thing or another related to the impending nuptials and thereafter they spend many minutes either chatting via telephone or text message examining the information from every conceivable angle.  It is an exercise I cannot witness without a smile forming on my face.  Hell, I am grinning now just writing about it.

Your children are children - seemingly forever.  Until they are not.  They never cease being remarkable though - irrespective of age.  I am thankful for nothing more than the fact that I am here to witness it. 

Heaven?  Yours truly - the Chief Agnostic in Residence - would not pretend to know.   But presuming such a joint exists, this just might be it.... 


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