Monday, September 24, 2012

Quarters Halves & Other Fractions

In the four years that I attended college at the University of Colorado - Boulder, I missed too many classes to count.  Who is laughing now?  "Not I", said the lawyer.  Perhaps if I had actually attended class with more regularity, more doors would have remained open to me.  But I digress....

While class was not a place I found myself with metronomic regularity, Folsom Field was.  In four years I missed only two home games.  I missed the Iowa State game on Halloween 1987.  But I missed it for an excellent reason:  I was a Groomsman in Jill/Joe's wedding, which was happening in Princeton right about the same time as the coin toss was taking place in Boulder.  They both called "I Do".  No reflip has ever been required.  In my absence the Sal Aunese-led Buffs opened a big Keg O'Whoop Ass on the Cyclones.   In my absence Jay and Alex led our gang on the Pearl Street Mall Crawl as Sir Robin and his band of minstrels - complete with coconuts to approximate the sound of horses' hooves.  None of them got arrested.  I have always suspected that had they tried harder at least one of them could have spent the night in the Boulder City Jail.   

I missed but one other home game during my CU career.  On September 24, 1988, while the Buffs were defeating the Oregon State Beavers I was once again in the State of Concrete Gardens.  And once again I was there for an event well worth missing a home game:  Kara/Russ's wedding.  Almost a quarter century further on up the road and they are still going strong.  To my sis and my brother-in-law I wish a heartfelt Congratulations!  

It was a little more than a week ago that Suzanne called home from Texas to tell the Missus and me that she/Ryan had gotten engaged.  Although no date has yet been set, the planning just this first week has been pretty impressive to watch.  Thus far I have nailed my part.  I stay the hell out of the way until either Margaret or Suzanne directs me to do something.  Once my assigned take is completed, I fade back into the woodwork and let the professionals do their thing. 

One of the things I ended up doing one day towards the end of last week was looking through a desk drawer and coming upon an odd, wide-ranging array of pictures that I have from a lifetime or two ago.  And for reasons not entirely clear to me, among their number is a photo of Kara and I dancing at her wedding.  Coming upon it as I did - fresh off of a week's worth of conversations with Margaret and Suzanne about songs that might lend themselves to father/daughter dances - it struck me that neither of the fresh young faces in that picture appear anywhere close to old enough to be parents of adult children.  Yet two of Kara's three boys are in college.  And as of one week ago, I am a year or so away from watching the older of my two - and my only daughter - get married. 

The bad news for Suzanne?  While my cleanshaven face was long ago consigned to history's scrap heap and the non-gray hairs on my head are fast on their way as well (and shall likely be but a memory by the time her big day arrives), the two left feet that almost left my poor sister maimed on her wedding day have made the trip with me from the last century to this one.  The good news?

....the blue blazer and I parted company at some point in the '90's. 


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