Friday, September 28, 2012

Of Heart & Hearth

How are you making out on those New Year's Resolutions?  I ask because by the time the next regularly-scheduled work week rolls around we will have officially reached the final quarter of 2012.  Is there anything you resolved to do way back when this year was just a baby that you are still doing now that 2012 is old and gray.  Oh wait.  I caught my own reflection in the mirror just now.  Apologies to 2012.  It is not gray.  That is me.  Damn. 

The frenzy of activity 'tween our four walls these past couple of weeks has been principally focused on the nuptial-related doings emanating from the great (they did give us Lyle Lovett so that counts for something) state of Texas.  Kind of, sort of lost in the background is the fact that the Colorado branch of the family bramble bush has been doing some serious "stuff" too.  If things go according to Hoyle - a fellow who has made maddeningly infrequent appearances in my life thus far - Rob and Jess will close on their new home today. 

Happiness is having a place to go visit where someone else does all the cooking for Thanksgiving....says the lazy slug who has never prepared one part of one Thanksgiving dinner even one time in the past forty-five years.  This year that someplace else is Colorado.  To date we have been treated to nothing but photographic images of their new home on the (Front) Range.  If it has fifty percent of the curb appeal live and in person that is captured in its digital imagery, then it will be something marvelous to behold.  

Truth be told, as long as it delivers to them the happiness it promises; as long as they continue to work hard to take care of one another; and as long as they always place each other's interests, fears, hopes and dreams on equal footing with their own it shall forever be a home.  And it shall never be merely a house.  

 Bless the four corners of this house and be the lintel blessed, and bless the hearth, and bless the board, and bless each place of rest... And bless the door that opens wide to stranger as to kin, and bless each crystal windowpane that lets the starlight in... And bless the roof-tree overhead, and every sturdy wall - The peace of man, the peace of God, the peace of love on all.

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