Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Met Life and Times

I spent quite a bit of time this weekend at the atrocity known as Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford (a/k/a "the joint that the money hungry pricks who own the Giants and the Jets built for no apparent reason except to convince the other money hungry pricks who own NFL teams to play the Super Bowl in the Northeast at night in February 2014 and to build it they had to tear down a perfectly functional football stadium that was only 30+ years old").  Color me not a fan.  Joint looks like a gigantic air conditioner unit from outside and inside is one of the most dismal, foreboding places I have ever seen. 
Fortunately I spent my time there this weekend not to watch the men of Mara Tech or the men formerly known as Titans ply their wares.  Note to Jets fans:  although I root for the Giants I feel terribly for you having to play the rest of this year without the best cover corner back in football Mr. Revis who is also, by all accounts, a hell of a good man.  Sometimes shitty things happen to good people.  This past Sunday a torn ACL happened to him.  I hope his surgery goes well and this time next year he is back where he belongs:  not having any balls thrown his direction on one corner while that overrated pro creator Antonio Cromartie gets picked on relentlessly at the other. 
This weekend's voyage to the land of the PSL was for the always-happy task of seeing Mr. Springsteen and his musical brothers in arms.  Saturday the weather was far better during tailgate time than it was during concert time but the quality of the former allowed the Missus and me to enjoy copious amounts of time not only with our regularly scheduled tailgate participants but some extra special guest stars.  Kara, Russ and their tail gunner Jordan hung out with us for a while pre-show.  I had never chilled out pre-show with my sister at Springsteen.  Pretty damn cool experience.  Russ and I laughed talking about the only other time we had ever seen Bruce together:  October 19, 2009 in Philly when we were guests pre-and-post-show of the Mighty One. 
(The guy in the middle looks the freshest
and this picture was taken after the show)
This past weekend also afforded me to catch up with my long-time fellow Bruce fanatic Marc Wichansky.  He and I had last seen each other more than nine years ago at Giants Stadium (a story that Margaret pointed out politely but firmly on Saturday that I tell quite often).  While I have known Marc for more than thirty years, he is from a part of my life that pre-dates my wife.  Thus he and Margaret were not known to one another.  On Saturday, that all changed.  The notorious MW and his brother-in-law Ross (his wife Lex's brother) joined us for a bit.  Upon meeting my wife MW was understandably smitten.  The three of us took a picture together to preserve the moment for posterity:

(The 'Visible from Space' quality of my shirt would prove quite
helpful when all hell broke loose meteorologically speaking)
As happy as I was to be able to join together - even if only for a moment - disparate elements of my life on Saturday afternoon I was happier still one evening earlier when MW and I located one another on the floor of the stadium pre-show.  He did what he did nine years earlier, which was ask a security person to take our picture.  Fortunately this time around the technology of choice was his iPhone and not a $20.00 disposable Fuji film camera.  I have never actually seen a single photo from our '03 adventure.  I am quite convinced that none exist.  This time around?  Suffice it to say that - in the not immortal but they should be words of Joe Jackson, "there goes your proof."

Overall one hell of a fine way to spend the final weekend of the Summer of '12.  Good people, good music and good times.  A fella could get used to spending his leisure time in such pursuits.
You know what they say about the natural progression of things; right?  From those that are little....
....well you just never do know.


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