Friday, September 21, 2012

Hands and Sins

Here is to hoping that this evening - and tomorrow - the weather gods smile down upon those of us who reside in the State of Concrete Gardens.  This evening and the next I shall spend some quality time in the company of Mr. Springsteen and his band of merry men at Met Life Stadium (a/k/a "The House That Greed Built"), which sits atop the swamps of Jersey next to the former, fully-functional home of the defending Super Bowl champions.  

The original plan of attack called for the Missus and I to both check out tonight's show - as well as tomorrow night's - but in anticipation of just how long a day tomorrow might prove to be Margaret is opting out of this evening's festivities.  At least that is what she told me is her reason for staying home this evening.  I suspect that she and the girl child shall be burning up several different lines of communication discussing all things wedding-related - enjoying their ability to plan without my input.  I must confess that I found their immediate rejection of my suggestion of a potential venue for the reception a bit insulting.  After all, who does not like Sonic?  It is America's Drive-In. 

Anyway, the "Wrecking Ball" tour is (or appears to be anyway) in its latter stages.  This evening shall be the first occasion in spite of the length of the tour to date that my face has laid eyes upon Springsteen's stage on this tour.  That is in and of itself an anomaly I suppose.  On two occasions earlier in the tour, a scheduled evening out with Bruce and the band fell by the wayside due to family obligations.  Do not search for regret in my words.  You shall not find it.  I love Springsteen's music and I love seeing him perform live.  But a concert is merely an evening's entertainment.  Family is family.  The latter always trumps the former. 

Mr. Springsteen - in the event that you are starting your day today as I am sure you usually to (by spending a few minutes here) - I would appreciate it very much if you could throw a long-time fan a bone this evening.  If you need any clarification as to just what bone it is I hope to have thrown my direction, might I direct your attetntion to the very top of the page....

....technically speaking it is still summer after all.    I mean not to "go all lawyer" on you but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Your understanding is most appreciated.


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