Saturday, September 15, 2012

Au Revoir Sand Bar!

For the calendar purists among us this weekend is the final weekend of summer.  Of course if you are a kid eighteen or under and you have been sweating your ass off for the past three weeks or so in a high school and/or grammar school classroom then as you read that first sentence you did a bit of mental Physics and Grammar....wondering how to construct a declarative sentence encouraging me to perform a very specific function on myself. 

Do not worry kids:  I am in your corner.  According to my abacus summer's allotment of days ran out at the time August disappeared.  I at least grade on a bit of a curve.  My brother Kelly historically has punched summer's ticket almost as soon as it begins since the Solstice in late June marks both the longest day (in terms of daylight) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first step on a six-month journey into darkness.  Huge surprise that our greeting card business never caught on; huh?

Regardless of your point of view, by this time next week Vern E. Quinox's much less-welcomed brother Otto M. Quinox will have arrived.  Personally - and perhaps not surprisingly - Autumn is my favorite season.  I for one amd looking forward to Otto's arrival.  Admittedly this year my enthusiasm level might be ratcheted up a notch or two given that the Missus and I shall celebrate it at Met Life Stadium on both Friday night and Saturday night in the company of Mr. Springsteen and some of neighbors from E Street.   

We shall spend a portion of this season's final Saturday in Point Pleasant.  Today is the annual Festival of the Sea Seafood Festival.  If you are a person who likes seafood, then today is a day made for you.  Good seafood to eat all up and down Arnold Avenue.   If history is any guide, then today shall be equal parts mob scene and sh*t show but the quasi-controlled chaos does little to dampen my enthusiasm for the event.  Any event that has enough places selling homemade crab cakes that one (OK, me) can conduct his own comparison taste test is an event worth spending a bit of time at, regardless of the difficulty finding parking near the Festival or the difficulty finding room to move once you are immersed in it.

Perhaps one of these years the Connecticut branch of the family can be coaxed into coming South to check it out.  I have never heard my brother Bill extol the virtues of a lobster's tail or a crab's leg but this event is such an extravaganza that it offers something he might well find impossible to resist:  a pony ride

Enjoy your Saturday wherever you are and whatever it is you plan to do.  If you are looking for me, you know that today I am easily found....


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