Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Sail Through the Changin' Ocean Tides

A bit of sad business on tap today.  My good friend Lisa Eves - who I think of as the younger sister I never had because my appearance in Mom/Dad's lives reinforced for them what a horrendous mistake it was to have had SIX children - has the always unhappy task of burying a loved one this morning.  Gracie (as I am fairly convinced only I call her for reasons too long/unimportant to recount here) lost her dad on Friday night.  Thomas Eves was but fifty-nine years young.  

What often feels like a lifetime ago Gracie worked with me here at the Firm and when I spent my "Winter at the Reservoir" three-plus years ago we were reunited briefly.  Although she is a Jersey girl born and raised she is a passionate Baltimore Orioles fan.  Her love of the O's is inherited from her father. 

In all the years we have been friends, I made his aquaintance only once.  During that brief meeting we talked about baseball and although it was a conversation that took place during one of Baltimore's protracted down periods I was impressed by the fact that his head was adorned with an Orioles cap.  A true fan.  He stood by the team he loved through thick and thin.  While he was more pleased about this season's results so far than he had been with any season in the past decade and a half, their success this season did not make him a bigger fan than he had been in seasons past.  His passion for them was not dependent upon their won-loss record.  He did not view loyalty as a malleable concept.  I can speak personally to the fact that his only daughter inherited that quality from her father.  And not just to her favorite baseball team.

If you can learn something about one person through your knowledge of - and relationship with - one who they love dearly and who loved them right back, then I think although I met him only once I knew quite a lot about Gracie's dad and the depth and breadth of his character's quality.  This day shall be a rotten one for Lisa, her mom Helen and the rest of the family that Tom Eves left far too soon.  But she shall get through it.  She shall ensure that her mom does as well.  And she shall do it with the grace and the strength through which she has conquered everything she has attempted in the decade-plus that I have known her. 

For she knows no other way to roll.  She is who she is.  An Orioles fan.  And her father's daughter.


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