Monday, August 6, 2012

Sixty Days And Counting

Two months from today is the 14th Annual Run for Mom in Cranford, New Jersey.  This year is the first year that Sue's Crew shall be participating in this event.  If you are a regular reader of this space - and if you are this might be as good a time as any to submit to a mental status exam - then you know that it was thirty days ago that I first mentioned this event.  How time flies; right?  Your window for registering is a full third closer to closing than it was this time last month.   If you are already on board, then thank you for taking part.  If you have not yet committed to it - and to being a member of the Crew - then I must ask, "What are you waiting for?"

If you were waiting for some sweetener on this deal, then today is your lucky day.  I am a fairly competent runner for a man my age.  This past Saturday I participated in the Sea Girt 5K, covering 3.1 miles in a hair over twenty-six minutes.  I finished in or about 350th place - out of close to 1150 runners.  I finished far closer to the front than to the back.  But I also finished roughly six minutes behind my old high school friend Jerry Della Torre who although he is my age runs as if he is half of it.  Jerry finished 2nd in our age group and 40th OVERALL. 

His performance gave me an idea (modesty prevents me from throwing an obligatory adjective such as "great" or "wonderful" in there).  I want Sue's Crew IV to have the largest number of members we have ever had.  We run together one time a year for a terrific cause.  The first three years we have done it, we have had a great time and raised a lot of money.  Although this year our venue has changed, our purpose has not.  We anticipate having a fantastic event. 

If you are a runner and you want to participate as a member of Sue's Crew IV, then we want you to run with us.  A component of this event is the fund-raising that each of us does.  If you will run with us on October 6 as a member of Sue's Crew and you cross the finish line ahead of me - whether by six minutes or six one-hundredths of a second, then I will contribute $50.00 to your fundraising effort.  Why?  Why not?  It is a win-win.  The more runners we have on the Crew, the more opportunity we have to raise money for an outstanding cause.  We care not where it comes from, we care where it goes. 

T minus sixty days.  What do you have to lose?  Not a damn thing.  Taking part is as easy as clicking on this link.


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