Monday, August 13, 2012

Revival of the Fittest

I thought that I was going to spend this week on trial - defending a case in Middlesex County.  As luck would have it, the case did something that I thought it was not likely to do - it settled.  Better than the fact that it settled - guaranteeing a result that was equal parts satisfying/unsatisfying for both sides without the risk associated with trial - was the fact that it did not settle "on the courthouse steps" on Monday morning.  Instead it settled on Friday afternoon, which enabled those of us who otherwise expected to spend our weekends preparing for this morning's commencement of hostilities free to do something far more pleasurable.

The Missus and I spent Friday night in 'Squan and on Saturday morning Moondoggie, Gidg and I made the short jaunt north from 'Squan to Asbury Park to take part in the Asbury Park 5K.  The conditions were slightly more favorable in which to run this past Saturday than they were in Sea Girt seven days earlier.  I was happy to run 24:45, which is my best 5K time this summer.  My two companions each shaved several minutes off of their Sea Girt times as well.  Overall a good run for all three of us.  For me, nice way to wrap up the summer season - or at least the month of August.  I shall not race again until September's first Sunday when I take part in the Jimmy D 5K in New Brunswick.  The Jimmy D is yet another great event for a great cause.

Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day here 'NTSG.  The Missus and I finished our errand-running (and in my case regular old running) by the early part of the afternoon.  We then spent a couple of hours just chilling out in our little portable pool that she purchased just before the end of June.  It is perhaps eight feet long, four feet wide and three and a half feet deep.  We keep it in our garage until we want to use it.  Then we cart it out onto the back patio and fill it.  I cannot recall what used to be my favorite way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon.  Whatever it was, it holds exactly zero candles to napping in the pool.  An absolutely delightful way to spend a couple of hours.  I got out of it in time to do my other favorite summer Sunday activity:  grill.  Happiness is time well-spent tending to BBQ ribs, potatoes and corn on the cob as they become transformed into dinner. 

At some point as we were clearing the dinner dishes it occurred to me that the Yankees had played.  I checked out ESPN to find out that they had played and lost in Toronto in a game that I presume started at 1:00 p.m.  If your first thought as to how your favorite baseball team is doing on a particular day occurs only AFTER the game has been completed, then I hope your attention has been held by something better than the game.  For me yesterday it was.  Not even a close call. 

Mondays suck.  They suck for you.  They suck for me.  They suck for all of us who work.  Yet they suck a hell of a lot less when the two days that immediately preceded them were excellent.  Might be able to hold off on "Punch a Co-Worker in the Larynx" Day this week until Wednesday....

....or even Thursday.


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