Friday, August 10, 2012

Once Upon A Tilt-A-Whirl On The South Beach Drag

I loathe the treadmill.  I love to run.  Running is principally an outdoor activity.   Running on the treadmill is a laboratory rat-inspired activity.  During the winter months when marathon training is in full swing, a certain amount of prep work is performed on the treadmill.  It has the feel of homework.  That is its purpose.  

As a general rule, once winter cedes the stage to spring I live my running life exclusively outdoors....unless inclement weather drives me indoors.  Sometimes an exception must be made to that rule.  Tuesday evening was one such time. 

Running serves a number of purposes for me.  Among the things it does is serve as my release valve.  I can literally run stress right out of my body.  I feel it escaping through my pores.  It is an invaluable part of my day-to-day.  Far more days would be "Punch A Co-Worker in the Larynx" Day without it.  When I got home from work Tuesday night I felt the need to get some of the day's tension out of my system.  But since I did not intend to run very far, I decided to simply hop on the treadmill. 

I only went three miles although I ran it at a fast enough clip to make it worthwhile.  When I finished my run, I turned off of the treadmill and for just a moment I looked at the wall next to the machine at the multi-picture collages of photos that Margaret has hanging there.  And I saw it.  I noticed for the first time since I do not know when a photo that makes me smile as much now as it did the evening it was taken. 

This picture was taken twenty-one years ago this summer.  Margaret and I had just started dating.  I had not yet started law school.  Suz was six years old.  Rob was five.  In the twenty-one years since, two of us in this picture have gotten taller.  The third one of us has gotten gray. 

It occurred to me looking at this picture of the three of us on the Tilt-A-Whirl on the Jenkinson's Boardwalk just what a tremendous job did raising Suz and Rob.  And it occurred to me as well just what remarkable adults the two moppets in this picture have turned out to be. 

My life has turned out better than I had any right to expect that it would.  A case could be made that it turned out better than I had deserved it to.  A lot of road has been covered in the past twenty-one years.   It has been one hell of a ride....

....and if you look ever so closely at this photo you can see it.  It is the Aurora and it is rising behind us.  More than two decades later, it still is.


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