Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lead Zeppoles

It took us almost the entire summer to get there.  Last night - finally - after a couple of false starts the Missus and I made our annual pilgrimage to the Boardwalk in Point Pleasant - accompanied by our perennial partner in Boardwalk frivolity Gidg.  Proof once again that when you are a simple-minded rube you derive pleasure from things as simple as a cheesesteak sandwich, a zeppole (or ten), a spin on the Tilt-A-Whirl and some quality time in the Frog Bog.  And once again proof of the fact that when you are the long-suffering wife of the aforementioned simple-minded rube, as long as the calculation you do in your own head tips the scales in favor of enduring this excursion, you permit Sammy Simpleton his moment and hope that he does not blow through all of the money in his wallet in an attempt to win a stuffed animal worth $1.87. 

We had had a couple of false starts this summer regarding our great adventure.  The first couple of times we intended to do it, Mother Nature and life's circumstances rained all over our people-watching parade.  Last night though the weather cooperated.  There are scant few places I have ever been in my life that are a better social science laboratory for people-watching than a Jersey Shore Boardwalk.  Admittedly Point Pleasant is a place where one is more likely to encounter a Soccer Mom than Snooki - at least in comparison to Seaside - but the pickings are still very, very lush.  Just when you think you have seen "it" all - whatever it might be - something else pops up that leaves an indelible imprint upon your mind's eye. 

Once upon a time I spent very little time at the Shore.  Ever since I started running in road races my time within the cozy confines of Monmouth County and Ocean County has increased substantially.  However regardless of how much time I spend running through and over the streets of Spring Lake, Lake Como, Belmar, Sea Girt or Asbury Park during summer's lazy, hazy days I limit myself to just one Saturday night trip "to the Boards".  As Mr. Townshend once observed, "More than one would be a waste."

A little was indeed enough.  More than enough to tide me over 'til this time next year.

It will take me that long to run off the cheesesteak and the zeppoles.  And it will give the Missus an entire year to reign as the Queen of the Boardwalk....


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