Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good Vibez

In case you needed a reason to root for nice weather Saturday evening here in the State of Concrete Gardens, some good folks in the terrific little town of Westfield are happy to provide. 

About one month ago a young woman named Allison Lowenstein, twenty-one years young and a graduate of Westfield High School, was running in Harriman State Park when she was struck by a motorist who fled the scene of the accident.  The accident left young Ms. Lowenstein, known as "Alli" to her friends, in critical condition.  As of this date, the New York State Police are continuing to investigate the accident.  However, they have not yet been able to apprehend the coward.  

[I am constrained at this juncture to point out that Alli attends Oberlin College in Ohio, which is the current home and future Alma mater of my niece Simone, where she (Alli - not Simone) is a member of the cross-country team.  I know not whether the two Yeowomen know one another.] 

Saturday evening in Tamaques Park friends of Alli are having a fun run in her honor.  The "Run for Alli" is scheduled to last from 4:00 o'clock to 7 o'clock.   Significantly more - and substantially better information than that contained in this space - is found here on the Facebook page the folks organizing the event created.  

If you needed a reason to root for sunshine this Saturday evening, now you have it. 

Go Yeomen....and Yeowomen!   Saturday evening her friends will gather to send "good vibeZ to Alli".  Somewhere Brian Wilson smiles....

....and sunshine reigns.  


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