Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fin Neato

We have almost reached the end of the games of the Summer Olympiad, which wrap up this Sunday.  Actually, NBC leaked an internal memo last night that the Games actually end this evening.  They just do not intend to broadcast today's events until week's end.  They have broadcasting hours to fill until the return of "The Voice" you know.  If that upsets you, then feel free to express your displeasure to NBC's Customer Service Department.    One operator is standing by.

Sunday night kicks off my favorite week of the summer.  I love Shark Week.  This year marks its 25th anniversary on Discovery Channel.  Truth be told, I shall watch more programming on Discovery Channel this week than I do during the year's other fifty-one weeks combined.  This year's event kicks off at 9:00 PM Sunday (Eastern Time) with "Air Jaws Apocalypse".  All you really need to know about the coolness of this particular program is revealed in those three words.  However, since television is a visual medium you might want to check out this or this....or this.   And bear in mind this is simply Program #1 of Night #1.  If you stare really hard at your computer screen right now you can actually see me smiling as I write this. 

OK, stop staring intently at the screen.  You cannot actually see me smiling.  Bear in mind that I wrote this hours ago. 

If you are - as I am - a fan of sharks, then I hope you have the chance to watch as much of "Shark Week" as you can.   And if you have a moment, check out this outfit's web site.  Good people doing a worthwhile thing - albeit probably fighting a losing battle due in significant part to the douchebaggery of the Japanese and the gluttonous bastards who simply have to have "delicacies" such as shark fin soup.   The fact that the sharks were here first seems to be of little moment to those pricks. 

Perhaps for Shark Week's 26th anniversary, Discovery Channel will be able to convince a couple of dozen of the aforementioned d-bags to put on scuba suits and accompany its film crews to the waters off of South Africa.  Probably not but a boy can dream; right? 

At least one week every August he can.  And remember that sharks do not attack lawyers.  Why not?  Professional courtesy....


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