Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Almost A Decade's Worth of Road Travelled

Nine years ago today the older of my two children embarked on the collegiate chapter of her Life's adventure.  It was on this very day in 2003 that Suzanne and her seemingly endless amount of stuff made its way from our home to her new home, which was a "just about the same size as a shoebox" dorm room at Seton Hall, which shoebox she shared with a roomie.   I have a very vague recollection of meeting Suz's roommate the day that the girls moved in but if either my life or the girl's depended upon it I could not tell you her name.  I remember that she had blond hair, was from somewhere in Monmouth County and apparently dated one of the kids on SHU baseball team.  I think she/Suz lived together their entire freshman year but - again - I would prefer not to have to wager my continued existence or hers on that fact.

When my parental participation in the great ingress had concluded for the day, I took a ride over to Giants Stadium.  A great old friend of mine - who I had not seen in close to twenty years - flew east from Arizona so that the two of us could take in Springsteen and the E Street Band as they kicked off the final three shows of what had morphed into a ten-night engagement that summer.  The Rising tour was the first tour on which "the Pit" surfaced as a phenomenon at Springsteen shows.  While we had General Admission tickets, neither of us had any notion as to what "the Pit" was or how it worked.  So, we hung out in the parking lot for close to an hour, catching up and drinking a beer or two.  When we finally wandered into the stadium about an hour or so before show time, the usherette responsible for letting people into the GA area looked surprised to see us.  She explained to us that her surprise was at seeing us for the first time that close to show time.  Apparently the other inhabitants of that area had been there for quite some time, elbowing for position closest to the stage. 

The house lights dimmed, the band came out on stage and the couple of hundred other middle-aged suburbanites who were in the GA area with us rushed the stage in a wave of Whitelandia humanity.  We stayed right where we were.  We then proceeded to spend the next almost three hours surrounded by absolutely no one as we sat on the barriers that had been erected around the large camera that was filming the night's proceedings for broadcast on the large video screens that had been put up on either side of the stage.  Our position put us approximately forty to fifty feet away from the Big Man and Nils with an unobstructed view of both of them.  It was an utterly fantastic way to see a show.  Among the songs performed that night was a favorite of mine, "Be True" that first found its way onto a commercially-released recording in the late 80's on the Chimes of Freedom EP. 

I am hopeful that perhaps on Springsteen's return jaunt through the new Giants Stadium (sorry - "MetLife Stadium") on the 21st of next month, my old pal shall join me for another evening under the wide-open Jersey sky taking in Bruce and this iteration of the ESB.  The invitation has been extended.  As of yet, I have not heard from him whether he can make magic out of the chaotic/36 hours crammed into every 24 schedule he calls his day-to-day enough to get east again.  I hope he can.  I would love for him to spend the evening in GA with the Missus, the Sisters Kizis and me.  I would actually consider it a birthday gift - from me to him....nine years late. 

By the 21st of September, it will actually be nine years and twenty-four days late seeing as how his birthday this year - coincidentally - falls on the same date that it did nine years ago:  August 28.  

HB MW.  Hope it is a happy one.  Hope to see you soon to celebrate it in proper fashion.  'Til then I hope this tides you over....


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