Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Man for All Seasons

It does not seem possible that this weekend is already August's final weekend.   August clearly had the right idea this year - wrapping up its stay on a Friday.  End of week.  End of month.  Good plan.

Sunday morning was a simply beautiful morning to run.  It was hot - but not overly so - and almost utterly devoid of humidity.  It was the type of August morning that reminds you that Autumn is indeed just around the corner. 

And among the songs that looped its way through my iPod as I ran through town on Sunday morning was "Boys of Summer".   For reasons that might not be clear to anyone but me, the version I have on my iPod is not Don Henley's classic, which I love.  It is a cover version of Henley's tune courtesy of The Hooters.  I think somewhere in my subconscious mind is the fact that The Hooters had their fifteen minutes of fame and fortune way back when I was in high school.  They were - if memory serves me correctly - my friend Mike Koplowitz's favorite band for at least most of our senior year in high school.  

High school was for me a fairly benign experience.  Generally speaking, it was a pretty enjoyable four years.  While I have no desire to relive it, which is why I think I have already attended my lifetime's allotment of reunions, revisiting it for four minutes or so while I run is most assuredly an enjoyable experience. 

"Brown skin shining in the sun."   A visual image designed to bring a smile to my face.   Even after summer's boys have packed away their Wayfarers for another year....

....which is something that this man for all seasons never does.   


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