Saturday, July 7, 2012

When A Melody Sounds Like A Memory

A gazillion years ago, when Suz and Rob were both still "kids" and were not adults forging lives more than half a continent away, it seemed as if an annual rite of summer at our house was the backyard party.  Point in fact, we did not have one every summer but we sure had a lot of them.  They marked graduations from high school, college and in Suz's case graduate school.  They also marked homecomings, such as Rob's from Georgia on Labor Day weekend in 2008.  I smile while writing this just thinking about those days....even the ones (Rob's college graduation leaps to mind) when it was so absurdly hot we feared we might all spontaneously combust.  Great days indeed.  Sadly, they are squarely fixed in the rear-view mirror.

Today marks the final full day in the State of Concrete Gardens for the temporary Texans.  Early tomorrow Suz and Ryan shall hop on a big old jet airliner and head back to the place where the stars at night are big and bright and where Missions of historical importance were built without basements.  At some point this afternoon/this evening a rather small, informal gathering of some of their friends shall happen.  And it shall happen in an old, familiar place:  our backyard. 

Life is lived forward.  What is gone is gone, alive only in the eye of one's mind and in one's memory.  That is of course how it should be.  It is how it must be.  But for just a moment or two this afternoon, those of us who still call this little corner of the world home will get a chance to look back from whence we came while being reminded of just how much promise the future holds. 

All in all, not too bad a way to spend a July Saturday night

Not too bad at all.


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