Monday, July 23, 2012

The Pope of Oceanport

"Horses can have babies just like humans Charlie through artificial inspiration." - Paulie, The Pope of Greenwich Village

While the weather did not cooperate as we had hoped, the Missus, Joe and I had a terrific time on Friday afternoon at Monmouth Park.  Thanks to Lynne's generosity we spent our first trip to Monmouth Park in a private box on something called the Partierre level.  Very cool. 

I confirmed Friday afternoon what I long suspected to be true.  I do not know anything about horse racing.  I spent pretty much the entire day losing, including the coup de grace in the 9th race in which my horse - running in a field of FOUR - simply stopped running at the top of the homestretch.  Simply stopped.  I had never seen such a thing.  I think that the start of the day's final race - #10 - was delayed for about ten minutes as we waited for my nag to finish walking up the track until he crossed the finish line. 

There was one bright spot for me on Friday afternoon and it occurred entirely by accident.  Last week Suzanne told Margaret that in the autumn she shall attend the ASHA Conference at which a poster she designed shall be presented to her peers.  It is one hell of an accomplishment and her mother and I are understandably thrilled for her and beyond proud of her.  However in our excitement we bungled the details of what she told Margaret about the 2012 ASHA Conference.  See, we thought it was taking place in one of the two Carolinas.  That is why in the 7th race I opted to bet $5.00 to win on a 12-1 shot named Carolina Princess.  My faith in her was rewarded when she passed the 2-5 favorite at at the top of the stretch and won going away.

I sent Suz a text message with a picture of my winning ticket and told her that I had played the horse in her honor.  Of all the responses I expected to see from her, the one I received surprised me.  "Glad to see you won.  What is the connection between me and Carolina?"  When I responded by telling her that I played the horse in honor of her triumphant trip to the 2012 ASHA Conference, she responded by writing, "LOL.  The Conference is not being held in Carolina."

Apparently this fall the ASHA Conference is being held in Georgia.  Good thing I am as bad a listener as I am a horse player or I would have gone home empty-handed. 


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