Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Summer's Saturday

Had an extraordinarily fine day on Saturday.  The Missus and I made the short hop from 'Squan to Belmar so that one of us could run in the Belmar Five Mile Race while the smart one hung out near the finish line.  If you have any uncertainty at all in your mind as to which one of us ran and which one of us is the smart one, then clearly you have never met either Margaret or me.

I did not run alone on Saturday morning, which proved to be quite a nice day on which to run.  It was humid of course for it is Jersey in July.  However, while the sun would make a nice break through the clouds later on in the day at race time he was quietly chilling behind the clouds.  Humid is rough but it has nothing at all on hot and humid.  Not even close. 

My goal was to finish in forty-five minutes or less and according to the watch on my wrist I met my goal by close to two and one half minutes.  Gidg ran too as did Jeff.  Jeff is a hell of a good sport for while he is an active dude he is not a "runner".  We kind of, sort of coerced him into joining us.  He met the challenge with aplomb, polishing off a champion's breakfast of Diet Coke and a smoke (Parliament I think) about an hour prior to race time and then surprising himself by making it to the finish line.  Although considering that Margaret was holding the rest of his pack for him there, his ability to muster up the resources to finish perhaps was not that surprising after all. 

An added bonus for me was catching up post-race with a long-time friend of mine from high school.  Truth be told, when we enter a race together the only place on the course where I have any chance at all of catching up with Jerry Della Torre is in the finish area....where he spent about ten minutes on Saturday waiting on me to cross.  He ended up at Bar A with Jeff, the Missus, Gidg and me for a celebratory cocktail post-race, which we all enjoyed.  Shortly after Jerry left our little troupe, we were joined by Joe and Cathy Mahoney and had a chance to spend a nice bit of time unwinding with them. 

All in all, a hell of a good time was had by all.  And considering that the race started shortly after 8:30 a.m., we ran like lunatics and then toasted our accomplishment all before the clock struck noon.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.  Not too bad at all.


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