Monday, July 16, 2012

Of Buffaloes, Wolverines and Blowhards

Realizing that this very well may be the kind of thing that interests only me - and caring not at all if it is since the one of us who holds the copyright on this particular train wreck (and I am not kidding - look at the bottom of the page before you steal any of my nuggets of wisdom) looks conspicuously like me and nothing at all like you - one of my true pleasures on a daily basis is spending a few minutes perusing "CU AT THE GAME".  It is a site that is an absolute labor of love for its creator Stuart Whitehair and a real treasure for those of us who are Buffaloes Soldiers.  I cannot fathom just exactly how it is Stuart has enough time in his day to keep his site current and chock full of great information but I am happy that he does.  It further boggles my mind that he provides all of this information at no charge.  Talk about your bargains.  Great stuff.  And before I forget, Go Buffs!

Among the things that never cease to amaze is the continuing success of Rush Limbaugh and the amount of influence he exerts over the sheep-like elements of the Republican Party.  One day last week I had to be at an 8:30 a.m. Case Management Conference in the Bergen County Court House (Hackensack).  On my drive eastbound on Route 80 I was listening to Imus, whose show originates from WABC Talk Radio 77 in New York, which is also the home station for Limbaugh's program.  During one of the breaks on the Imus show, the station played a promo for Limbaugh's, which promo featured Limbaugh saying, "Remember that the votes of the ignorant count too." 

My eyes welled up so quickly with laugh-induced tears that I almost drove Skate into a bridge abutment.  That a**hole's entire career has been built on his ability to marshal the power of ignorance.  In the promo of course his voice is dripping with that "I'm talking of course about the other guys" timbre that he enjoys attempting to project.  I always love when a guy who has ingested his body weight in "artfully obtained" prescription medication chimes in on the good and the bad of ANY health care legislation.  When I think of how much better off we all would have been if the goddamn Royals had promoted him to Head Bat Boy or whatever job title he so desperately craved all those years ago it makes me almost insane.  I can forgive the folks in podunk for harshing on Robbie Cano for not selecting Billy Butler to be on the AL squad for the Home Run Derby last week but for allowing the birth of El Rushbo?  Whole different kettle of fish. 

And speaking of fish, kettles and things that are completely different from one another (Note that seamless transition right there kids?  It takes minutes of writing experience to pull such a thing off), a reminder to the good people of Michigan to do the smart thing for yourselves this November and elect Bridget Mary McCormack to the Michigan Supreme Court.  There are many reasons for doing so (and I am not even going to cite as one of them the fact that her sister spent the past five seasons starring on a TV drama that gave mad props to the nation's oldest and coolest federal law enforcement agency).  You can read them straight from the source here.  

I have given up hope of ever being able to finagle one of those cool-looking blue t-shirts that Bridget and the campaign crew sport in all of the photos but I shall not give up hope of the smart people who call Michigan home coming together to put a smart, compassionate person in a position where she can help all of them.  And one needs to look no further than her track record to know that she shall do so.  As a man well-known to those who call the Great Lakes State home rather famously observed, "If you think you can do a thing, or think you can't do a thing, you're right."   Honor the legacy of Henry Ford.  Think you can do it.  Then just do it.  Prove him right again this November. 


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