Sunday, July 8, 2012

Natural Selection

Open letter to Tony LaRussa:

Tomorrow you shall name the starting pitcher for the National League for Tuesday night's All-Star Game in Kansas City.  Permit me the opportunity to offer a suggestion.  Rumor has it that as a genius and an attorney (Can anyone say "redundancy"?) you love nothing more than unsolicited suggestions. 

You have the opportunity to name R.A. Dickey as the National League's starting pitcher.  Please do not pass up this opportunity.  As a baseball fan - and as someone who otherwise finds the All-Star Game an excuse to watch something altogether on television - I am begging you to name Dickey to start tomorrow night.  I would wager that if Dickey would not be voted the most impossibly easy player for whom to root in the big leagues he would at the very least end up on the medal stand.  He is having the season of his life and has been through the first half of the 2012 season been the best pitcher in the majors.  Is there a possibility that this season is simply a harbinger of things to come?  Of course.  But there is at least as equally good a possibility that this season IS his moment. 

Do the right thing Tony.  Doing so will not make up for the time and energy you have expended trying to convince all of us who know better that your boy Mark McGwire is not a fraud and a cheat....but it would at least represent an initial payment on your debt owed to those of us with good taste and a conscience. 

Thank you.


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