Monday, July 9, 2012

Mission Possible

Once your children move from your home and off on their own, you transition from seeing them on a daily basis to something less frequent. When the move they make is not only from your home but from your time zone altogether, the "less frequent" becomes even less so.

Yesterday morning Suz and Ryan winged their way home to Texas. Back to their normal, day-to-day life. And as the Missus and I dropped them off at Newark Airport and said goodbye to them both, we did as well. When your child comes 'home' for a visit you are of course happy to see them and sad to see them leave. But more than anything else, you hope to see that he or she is happy. You take their temperature the best that you can.

Happiness is not only seeing them and spending a bit of time with them but it is - most of all - in seeing that they are indeed happy in their day-to-day. At day's end, all a father hopes is that his child is happy. Doing whatever you can to help put them in a position to be happy is your life's mission.

Mission accomplished.


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